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A&S 50 Challenge: Persona

UPDATE: The official A&S 50 Challenge ended on May 1st, 2015, on the SCA's 50th birthday. At that time, I had 33 posts. Mundane life has unfortunately kept me from participating in the SCA more than occasionally the last couple years. I'm going to continue to update this post, however, and eventually complete the 50 posts as a personal challenge.

After surfing the web looking for more SCA blogs to read and include in the links to the side, I stumbled upon mention of the A&S 50 Challenge, which I may or may not have heard Master Christian mention in passing before (it has a feeling of deja vu to it). It's a project to do 50 things in an SCA theme before the Society's 50th birthday on May 1, 2015.  There are three tracks to choose from: depth, breadth, and persona. In the depth challenge, you make 50 of one type of thing in an effort to push your boundaries and become better at doing it. In the breadth challenge, you learn or do 50 new things. In the persona challenge, your 50 things are related to what your persona would know or do.

I've decided to participate in the persona challenge. My goal is to write 50 blog posts on topics Sarmatian. The posts have to revolve around the Sarmatians (so a post which only mentions them doesn't count). I need to make, on average, one qualifying post per month (plus two).

This sounds like a fantastic idea and I'm looking forward to participating in the community. If you're up to it, check out the website and the Yahoo! Group (or if you came here from the group, hello!) . I'm using this post to keep track of all qualifying posts and permalinking it in the top bar.

Aritê gunê Akasa's Persona 50
  1. What's a Sarmatian and why did I Choose to be one?
  2. List: Books and Articles
  3. List: Personal Names
  4. Phrygian Caps
  5. Literature Review: Sulimirski's "The Sarmatians"
  6. Kurtas
  7. Can I Register a Tamga in the SCA?
  8. Scytho-Sarmatian Zoomorphic Art Style as Illumination
  9. Two Truths and a Lie #1: Sarmatians across Eurasia
  10. Two Truths and a Lie #2: Golden Deer in a Kurgan
  11. Two Truths and a Lie #3: Weird Hat
  12. Phrygian Caps Take Two
  13. Zoomorphic Art as Illumination Take Two
  14. Possible Kurta Pattern
  15. Steppe Nomads at the Met
  16. Make Your Own Scythian Gyphon
  17. Steppe Nomad Symbolism for SCA Armory
  18. A Bit About the Jassic People
  19. Kurta made by my Husband
  20. Lit Review: A New Penguin Atlas of--
  21. A Sarmatian Timeline
  22. Turnshoes Part 1: From Foot to Paper
  23. Thoughts on Kurta Patterns
  24. 2013 Two Truths and a Lie #1: Sarmatian Tent-Wagons
  25. 2013 Two Truths and a Lie #2: On the Origin of Draco Standards
  26. 2013 Two Truths and a Lie #3: A Bit About Sarmatian Scale Mail
  27. Animals Kept By the Sarmatians
  28. Jász Linkdump
  29. Ossetian Language
  30. The Nart Saga
  31. Maybe Scythian Stuff in the Louvre?
  32. Sarmatian-related Objects in the British Museum
  33. Of Ancient Norse, Egaliarian Societies, and Burial Practices
  34. Horse Archers
  35. New Grave Find
  36. .
  37. .
  38. .
  39. .
  40. .
  41. .
  42. .
  43. .
  44. .
  45. .
  46. .
  47. .
  48. .
  49. .
  50. .

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