Friday, February 1, 2013

Spring RUSH

   The Shire of Shadowdale will be hosting an event at the end of March called Spring RUSH. RUSH stands for 'Royal University of Scir-Hafoc' and is Calontir's "university". SCA universities are not real, accredited institutions or places. They're a way to encourage people to learn about different aspects of the SCA. You take a certain number of classes and fill a certain number of core requirements and earn yourself a degree. Much like a boy scout earning himself badges to advance in rank, this degree doesn't mean anything outside of the SCA. It's just fun to have. :)
   So there will be classes held in the Iowa Memorial Union (IMU) at the University of Iowa (U of I) from 9-5 on March 30th. The library is also holding an open house for us in their Special Collections reading room. U of I possesses quite a few medieval manuscripts and early bound books. Anyone who does calligraphy, illumination, or bookbinding will find all of these of interest. For the musicians, there is musical notation. For the cooks, there are grey period cookbooks. There are even a couple illuminated single sheets of Korans for the Middle Eastern personas.