Friday, August 22, 2014

Sarmatians et al. in the SCA

  I've started hearing from more and more SCAdians with Sarmatian personas. I think it would be nice if we all had a way to contact each other and share what we know. Maybe even start a household. :)
  So if you have a Sarmatian or other Iranian steppe nomad persona and are willing to be included on this list, could you e-mail me (or comment here with) your SCA name (or mundane if you're trying to decide or want both listed), kingdom, and local group? If you have more specific persona info, (century, tribe, geographic area...) you can opt to give me that as well.
  If you've e-mailed me in the past and I haven't accidentally deleted the conversation during an inbox purge, I'll contact you separately to ask. But if you haven't heard from me by this Monday (August 25), assume I lost it and contact me again. If you've commented on a previous blog entry but not included your e-mail address, I probably won't have a way to reach you, so please also comment here again.
  I haven't decided what the best way to make a contact circle would be. I could hyperlink e-mails here (with your permission). We could start a Yahoo or Google group. What's everybody's preference?

  • SCA name: Aritê gunê Akasa
    Mundane: Jess Miller-Camp
    Tribe: Undecided
    Time: Undecided
    Place: Undecided
    Kingdom: Calontir
    Local: Shire of Shadowdale
  •  SCA name: Undecided
    Mundane: Csenge Zalka
    Tribe: Undecided
    Time: Undecided
    Place: Undecided
    Kingdom: Middle Kingdom
    Local: Barony of Red Spears 
  • SCA Name: Storanê Sauromatis
    Mundane: Carol Botteron
    Tribe: Undecided
    Time: Undecided
    Place: Undecided
    Kingdom: East
    Local: Barony of Carolingia
  • SCA name: Maiôsara Sauromatis
    Mundane name: Sarah Mitchner
    Tribe: Roxolani
    Time: 5th century
    Place: Tomis
    Kingdom: Middle
    Local: Barony of the Flame
  • Sarmatian Name: Undecided
    Real Name: Holly Herda
    Tribe: Iazyges
    Time: Late 2nd Century AD
    Place: Sarmatia (Hungary) / Britain
    Location: Texas, USA
  • SCA Name: Minythia
    Mundane: Rachel Baltz
    Tribe: Scythian/Sarmatian (intermarriage)
    Time: 6th Century BCE
    Place: Nomadic- Don River to Altai Mountains
    Kingdom: Caid
    Local: Barony of Calafia


  1. I already emailed you my info, but on the subject of some sort of group...I would prefer a Google Group (Circle?). The reason being, pretty much the only thing I use my Gmail account for is commenting on this blog. If we did a Yahoo group, I would have to hop between my two accounts to access all the Sarmatian goodies. I'd prefer to keep it to my Google.

    Another option is to start a private Facebook group. If we're going to be sharing our pictures and everything, that would be a good way to keep them more private, if not everyone feels comfortable having them out on the web. (Still debating that myself.) Then again, I don't know what sort of security measures Google Groups have.)

    So, yeah, if it's down to Google or Yahoo, I vote for Google, but a Facebook group would be fine too. I'm just trying to condense my many accounts, LOL.

    1. Preference noted. :) The private facebook group is also a good idea.

    2. I also second private FB group, in my experience that is the best working option.

    3. I need a Sarmatian Personna to go with my new Scythian bow. And garb! A Facebook page would be great.

      SCA name: None yet. Still researching
      Mundane: Caley Woulfe
      Tribe: Undecided
      Time: Undecided
      Place: Undecided
      Kingdom: Meridies
      Local: Shire of Owl's Nest