Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Face of a Saka

Quick linkshare- The Pazyryk mummy with the awesome tattoos has had her face reconstructed.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Life Update and Nomad Games

My last Ph.D year continues to be insanely busy. I have no time to attend SCA events and when I take a break from work, I need to actually give my brain a rest, not do a different type of research. I haven't even felt like picking up the book I mentioned in the last post. When I've read anything, it's been a fantasy novel that lets me immerse myself in someone else's world for a bit.
It won't let up anytime soon. I'm fully expecting it to continue until graduation (and beyond, as I continue my thus far unsuccessful job search). Which means I won't be completing my Persona A&S Challenge by the deadline set by the organizer, though I may still be able to do it by the time the SCA's actual 50th birthday rolls around a year later. It also means I won't be doing any persona research for quite some time (or posting those very belated posts from my travels).

But I did run across one thing today that I'm sad I didn't know about before and wanted to share.