Saturday, May 19, 2012

Symposium Notes and Lilies Classes 2012

I wasn't able to finish translating my tamga book before the Symposium class, so it was only very basic. I had one attendee and really enjoyed talking with her. She has an Armenian persona and it turns out they're a very fascinating people. If you aren't sure what persona you want and you're a bibliophile, consider being Armenian because they hold the written word in very high regard.

I'm continuing to translate the book and teaching the tamga class again in its intended complete version at Lilies. I'll also be teaching a cooking class. Both are RUSH classes, so you'll get credit for attending. Here's the information. Hope to see some of you there!

"Jiǎozi and Guōtiē: How to Make Chinese Dumplings
Lady Aritê gunê Akasa
Monday, June 11 1-4 PM
 Chepe Tent
In this hands-on course, you will learn how to make pork and beef versions of two types of traditional Chinese dumplings completely from scratch. You will start by making stuffing, skins, and dipping sauce. Then, you will learn how to fold and stuff them. We will cook dumplings as they are folded and end class by eating them. Vegans and vegetarians, please note that though we will only be making meat dumplings,learning how to make and fold dumpling skins would still be applicable to you.
Course Length (in hours): 3   Level of Instruction: Beginn
er Class size limited to 10.  Minimum Age: 16  Course Fee: $5  Materials to be Supplied by Students: Bring chopsticks and medium-sized bowls if you have them. I can provide a few extras. Class Number: LIFE 62"

"Tamga: Heraldry for Steppe Nomad and Turkic Personas
Lady Aritê gunê Akasa
Tuesday, June 2 10-11 Am
Brummbar Tent
Tamga are abstract symbols employed by steppe nomad and Turkic peoples for similar purposes to those of standard European armory. If you have a persona from one of these cultures and would like your armory to reflect that, this class will give an overview of their history and use, as well as compare different types. By the end, everyone should be able to construct their own tamga or know what references to look up. The class will start with a lecture and end with a discussion.
Course Length (in hours): 1   Level of Instruction: Beginner Class Number: HERL 13"


  1. Are these like the Chinese dumplings you taught us to make? Those were fantastic!

    1. That's them. :) I found the recipe, though, so this time I won't be winging it from memory.