Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hiatus and Queen's Prize

This is overdue, but considering how busy I've been and will continue to be for the next month, I should officially declare a hiatus to be ended in mid November.

A couple quick notes, though- My husband and I both entered Queen's Prize last month. It's a kingdom-level A&S "competition". It's specifically for novice-level (though you can request to be judged at intermediate level, which I did). The competition aspect is less emphasized than it is in Kingdom A&S. I entered the Chinese dumplings I taught a class on at Lilies and my husband entered a Sarmatian-related thing which I'll write about once the hiatus is over.
I finally got to see the Big Book of Emblazons in person. Everyone really seems to be enjoying it! And as a thank you for making it and doing other heraldry service, Their Majesties made me a Torse! The Torse is the AoA-level service award in Calontir. :)

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